[Pdns-users] Problems with NAPTR records (Debian Sarge)

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Thu Mar 2 09:24:05 UTC 2006

Hi Kostas

> dn: dc=,dc=e164.arpa,ou=domains,dc=otenet,dc=gr
> changetype: add
> objectclass: otenetDNSDomain
> objectclass: domainrelatedobject
> dc:
> associateddomain:
> NAPTRRecord: 10 100 u E2U+sip !^.*$!sip:prod2 at!
> Is something wrong to the way NAPTR records are stored in ldap?

I don't know much about NATPR Records but I had a look into my code and I 
think there is nothing which would prevent serving these types of records.

Could you please
- send us your pdns.conf (if it isn't confidential)
- activate query logging in your config and send me the output

> kzorba at tagoba(0)[06:28 PM]~/WorkingArea/pdns-2.9.19>make
> powerldap.hh:72: error: type specifier omitted for parameter `uint16_t'
> powerldap.hh:72: error: parse error before `=' token

Your version lacks a patch which is already in SVN. I've attached it below. 
Please patch your source and try to recompile.

OpenPGP public key

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