[Pdns-users] recursion problem with delegated sub domains

Gerfried Fuchs alfie at sil.at
Tue Mar 14 14:25:44 UTC 2006


 first of all, thanks for the great piece of software. for the upcoming
2.9.20 release, I had to tweak the Makefile in the doc directory because
it tried to call some expand command which isn't shipped nor compiled at
build time, creating a build failure. I used the 582 svn revision link
that was posted earlier on the list, just in case.

 about my problem: I had to activate the allow-recursion-override=on
switch due to the following problem: for domains pdns was authoritative
it returned such answers for records it had in its database, but for
entries it didn't it returned non-autoritative answers for the NXDOMAIN
replies, even queried the domain master with IN A requests. switching it
to on made it reply with autoritative NXDOMAIN answers.

 I can only guess that the problem we are facing now is related to this:
let's say we have a domain foo.tld and it has a delegated subdomain
bar.foo.tld to some other nameserver. I am not able to resolve
baz.bar.foo.tld on the pdns server, even if it in general does recurse
for non-local domains like google.com.

 this is a really pain for us, because if we switch
allow-recursion-override to off we are having the problem that the
master for a slave rbl like domain gets bombarded with IN A requests,
which quite clearly is unwanted. on the other hand it would let
subdomain delegation working as expected.

 is there a way to seperate these two things? is there even a setting
already that might control this that I haven't found yet?

 thanks in advance for any hints you might get me, I have no problem
with testing in our environment, though a test situation shouldn't be
too hard to produce, I hope my description was clear enough.

 so long,
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