[Pdns-users] Have I got a good one....

Mark Martin ops1 at frontierbroadband.com
Fri Mar 3 22:33:15 UTC 2006

Your gonna love this...

Recently I migrated from BIND to PowerDNS, for the most part it's
got growing pains, but when I have to train someone to use it, it
is easier for a Windoze user to learn to use than maintaining BIND
(I want a vacation now and again)....  Anyways...

I have one customer that goes to a site called:


Now, this site probably only has one user and it's her, and by gosh
if when she clicks or we click the link 'Message Board' or
just below, there is a panel 'Join Message Board of Love'.  These
links show up as 'http://messageboardoflove.com'.

PowerDNS will not resolve to an IP for this so I go do a whois
record, use the DNS of record NS1.INFOPOP.CC/NS2.INFOPOP.CC
get an address, go there and it is an Apache webserver welcome
screen, no 'Messageboard of Love' (heaven forbid...).

It looks to me like there is a change going on at the site or whatever.

Customer calls back griping saying it resolves on Charter, Alltel, local
competitor, and the $%^#@ thing will pull up 'Messageboard of Love'...

Won't on our system.  One of our guys is still running BIND, has an ISP
in another town, calls over there, sure 'nuff, 'Messageboard of Love'
exists on a BIND system, but not on PowerDNS....

Could one of you, check this out and confirm the same results (or
disprove).  I really hate to have to migrate back to BIND, I'm fixing to
go on vacation.  And if you get the same results and it is broken in
PDNS, please fix or give a work around before this woman comes in
an' coughs up gagged sweet 'taters on my carpet.

Pleeeeezzzzeee help me fix this thing before she gets committed for OCD.

I swear outta all the sites on the internet she is obsessing over this
on, besides all the queens on the top of the page are men in drag
anyways... sheesh..
Mark Martin, Operations
Frontier Broadband, LLC.
919 Hwy. 377 E.
Granbury, TX 76048
817.579.5050, Ext. 105

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