[Pdns-users] RE: Slave and Master not talking

Nick Tomkin nick.tomkin at tomkinet.com
Thu Jun 29 16:46:08 UTC 2006

Hi, all.

This is my first email to the list, please excuse lack of etiquette-- I 
appologise in advance.

Config: PowerDNS 2.9.16 / 2.9.20; Lnx, Slackware; Backend: mysql

I have PDNS set up on one server as a MASTER and on 2 others as SLAVES. 
I add DNS records through POWERADMIN and for a long time things worked 
great. Suddenly, the MASTER won't send out updates to it's SLAVES or the 
SLAVES won't request updates from the MASTER.

This is a real hassle as I have to manually add these records though 
mysql when they don't propagate.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated to the highest degree!

Thank you,

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