[Pdns-users] Using AXFR vs. Mysql Replication

Max Clark max.clark at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 17:26:23 UTC 2006

Hi all,

We have been using the mysql backend with native master->slave
replication for some time now. Due to growth, distributed nameservers,
and the desire to make our DNS infrastructure more stand alone we are
interested in switching to an AXFR based zone replication to the
public pdns servers which will be feed by masters running against the
mysql backend.

With mysql native replication zero configuration is required on the
slave instances to configure new zones - I understand there is a
configuration option for a supermaster in pdns so that the slaves will
autogenerate zones based on the master but I am unclear on the proper
use for deployment.

Can anyone point me to a howto or give configuration advise for what
we want to accomplish?


 Max Clark

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