[Pdns-users] Spam in the Wiki

Michael Loftis mloftis at wgops.com
Mon Jul 3 07:27:37 UTC 2006

--On July 3, 2006 9:02:50 AM +0200 Steffen Zieger <steffen at steffenspage.de> 

> Am Montag, 3. Juli 2006 08:07 schrieb bert hubert:
>> We know. The problem is rampant and requires tens of hours of work to
>> address. We may get around to it.
> Is there anything I can do, to help?

Support the death and/or severe dismemberment for spamming policy? :D

>> 	Bert
> Steffen

"Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors
into trouble of all kinds."
-- Samuel Butler

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