[Pdns-users] Problem retrieving SOA from slave PowerDNS

Tom Napierala tom at dba.ie
Wed Jul 19 14:20:07 UTC 2006

Hi there,

First of all, big thanks for this wonderfull piece of software, it's 
really impressing.

I'm going to deploy PDNS as a slave server for my hosting 
infrastructure, especially because of it's auto-provisioning 
capabilities (superslave). We have several hosting servers which act as 
a primary servers for domains hosted on themselves, so it's really handy 
to have salve configured automatically.
I successfully configured PDNS as a slave, set up superslaves and tested 
everything. It works flawlessly, but I have one huge problem. One of our 
registrars checks nameservers before registering domain. Check simply 
means retrieving SOA for particular domain from all NSs. While domain is 
pulled out of the primary nameserver, PDNS refuses to provide SOA for 
any hosts. It's strange, because I can retrieve any other records. In 
the logs I see:
Jul 19 13:35:00 debian pdns[18182]: Not authoritative for 'domain.com', 
sending servfail to x.x.x.x

This installation is obviously not configured to perform recursive queries.
OS: Debian Sarge, PowerDNS - 2.9.17 (standard Debian package)

Any help will be appreciated.

Tom Napierala

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