[Pdns-users] Two questions about powerdns

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Sun Jan 29 13:37:30 UTC 2006

On Sunday 22 January 2006 17:19, Derrik Pates wrote:
> Oded Arbel wrote:
> >>That understanding is wrong :-) SOA auto serial calculation is
> >>separate from notified serial. You need to really update the SOA
> >>serial number.
> >
> > It kind of annoying, because the SOA serial is stuck in the middle of
> > the SOA record that is stored textually in the records table - so I
> > can't easily automate it. In moving to power dns, I was hoping to get
> > rid of all the specially crafted text parsing that had to be done to
> > manage bind domains, and apparently that is not the case.
> I do have a patch that works against MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
> through the gsql backend. I have it attached to this e-mail.

I've implemented something similar in the opendbx backend. Similar because the  
patch that was attached to your mail has some major performance implications. 
In a big hosting environment where you have perhaps 10K, 100K or more 
domains, the code generates a lot of queries frequently (the default check 
interval is 60sec) which will result in a big performance hit (there may be 
also a memory issue, because the complete result of the first query must be 
retrieved before a new query can be executed). If you increase the check 
interval to a value high enough that the performance hit won't be such a big 
problem any more (say 60min) then the notification mechanism is rather 
useless - this can also be done by the clients when the SOA records are set 
up accordingly.

The implementation in the opendbx backend (patch sent to pdns-dev) uses the 
change_date field in the SOA row if the serial field in the SOA record is set 
to 0. This simplifies the task for the backend very much and doesn't cost any 
additional resources. It also simplifies the management issue because the 
tools don't have to parse and change the SOA records. The only annoyance is 
that the management tools must set the change_date field of the SOA row if a 
record in the zone is changed, which requires two queries instead of one.

Is this a feasable way to solve the problem?

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