[Pdns-users] Domain dont work

Derrik Pates demon at devrandom.net
Sat Jan 28 18:22:10 UTC 2006

N. van Kooten wrote:
> -- Tabel structuur voor tabel `domains`

The lack of an SOA record for the domain, and the fact that your NS
records contain IP addresses (see the DNS RFCs, esp. RFC 1035, for why
this should *never* be) might be part of the problem. However, it looks
like either you have a firewall, or your upstream is blocking outside
originated TCP connections and UDP sessions, which is also preventing
communication with PowerDNS. Your ISP may not allow you to run such
services from a subscriber line like yours. You'd have to contact them
and see what their policies are on such things.

Derrik Pates
demon at devrandom.net

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