[Pdns-users] RE: Reverse DNS "delegation" - bug?

Olly Butterfield olly at gyron.net
Sun Jan 22 23:35:50 UTC 2006

Hi again

> This was working fine until a couple of days ago. We have 2 
> servers using the same database through mysql replication. 
> One has been upgraded to 2.9.19 from 2.9.17, the other is 
> still running 2.9.17. Using dnsstuff.com to look up a reverse 
> record gives the following result when the server running the 
> OLD VERSION is queried.... (addresses have been changed)
>   <snip>
> So the more recent version of powerdns isn't giving out the 
> NS entries when asked for the PTR, it's just not returning anything.
> Any ideas anyone? Thanks for reading :)

Just to confirm, I rolled back to version 2.9.17 for 2.9.19 with exactly the
same config, and the delegation is now working as it was before.

It seems that 2.9.19 does have a lot of improvements over .17, so if anyone
knows of a fix for this it would be much appreciated.

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