[Pdns-users] Two questions about powerdns

Oded Arbel oded at geek.co.il
Sun Jan 22 08:28:07 UTC 2006

Hi list
I'm using pdns 2.9.19 and I have a couple of zone update issues:

1) I'm using the gmysql backend and when I add a new record for a domain 
(with the update time set to now()) powerdns does not send out domain 
update notifications. It does this only if I change the serial in the 
SOA record for the domain. I thought the whole point of putting it in 
the database was that updates where automatically detected, and thats 
what "notified serial" in the domains table is all about ?

2) I'm in the process of migrating from a bind setup to a powerdns setup 
- I have two name servers where both initially ran bind in a 
master/slave configuration. What I did was to disable the slave setup 
on the bind (so that the primary is not a standalone - I disabled all 
notifications), and setup powerdns on the second server with the intent 
of making it the master. After powerdns was successfully setup (with 
all domains transferred), I tried to set up one domain on the former 
bind master server to slave with the powerdns server as the master (I 
can't change the software on that server at this time) and I get this 
error when the bind checks for update on the powerdns server:

named[28815]: transfer of 'geek.co.il/IN' from 
connected using
named[28815]: transfer of 'geek.co.il/IN' from failed 
while receiving responses: extra input data
named[28815]: transfer of 'geek.co.il/IN' from end of 

and after that bind no longer agreed to resolve my domain (I had to re 
enable it as a no-notify master for it to work).

I'd appreciate any comments. thanks.


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