[Pdns-users] 2.9.20 release process starting up, please verify your bugs

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Sat Jan 14 14:33:20 UTC 2006

Hi everybody,

I'm starting up the 2.9.20 release process. For family reasons mentioned
earlier I've been somewhat less involved with PowerDNS and have hence have
lost track of the status of most problems reported.

Therefore I ask everybody with pending bugs to verify them against the
pre-releases available on:


Let me (through pdns-users at mailman.powerdns.com or -dev) know if your bug
is now either a) gone b) different c) still there. I won't be able to deal
with your problem otherwise, assume I've forgotten anything about your

Even if you've mentioned your bug before either on IRC or on the mailing
lists, please open a ticket on:

but check first on
to see if one is already filed.

You can also join us on #powerdns on ircnet and join the fun of PowerDNS
development, see http://wiki.powerdns.com for more details.


http://www.PowerDNS.com      Open source, database driven DNS Software 
http://netherlabs.nl              Open and Closed source services

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