[Pdns-users] in.addr-arpa delegation

Derrik Pates demon at devrandom.net
Thu Feb 23 03:10:06 UTC 2006

Max Clark wrote:
> I have a couple of questions on delegation with PowerDNS. To delegate
> subnets smaller than a /24 (let's say I have been
> creating records like this:

> First question - is there an easier/better way to do this?
> Second question - for delegations of /24 and above, what is the
> recommended/proper way to perform the delegation to another name
> server?

You should take a look at RFC 2317
<http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2317.html> for more information about this
method of reverse delegation, and recommendations/suggestions related to
what you're talking about.

Derrik Pates
demon at devrandom.net

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