[Pdns-users] [LdapBackend] Ldap connection closed

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Mon Feb 13 10:05:21 UTC 2006

Hi Tomas

> we are using pdns 2.9.19 with ldap backend.
> Whenever I do:
> > dig @pdns_server
> I can see this in pdns logs:
> [LdapBackend] Request for reverse zone AXFR, but this is not supported
> in strict mode
> Backend error: Backend error trying to determine magic serial number of
> zone ''
> [LdapBackend] Ldap connection closed
> [LdapBackend] Ldap connection succeeded

The command seems to turn into an AXFR query, which isn't supported in strict 
mode. I don't know if this behavior can be omitted by the pdns server code.

AXFR in strict mode returns FALSE - it doesn't throw an exception. Therefore I 
also think that the pdns server shouldn't recreate the backend.

@Bert: Am I doing something wrong by returning FALSE?

> besides this query:
> > dig PTR @pdns_server
> ...works as expected.
> I think that DNS server should not crash like that but maybe it's just a
> normal behaviour whenever it's asked for such strange queries.

Well, it doesn't crash but it does more than it should do.

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