[Pdns-users] SELECT only access for pdns user or not?

powerdns at philip.pjkh.com powerdns at philip.pjkh.com
Fri Feb 3 19:00:19 UTC 2006

Hi -

I just setup powerdns in a test environment and have a question regarding 
necessary privileges for the pdns user when using a database (pgsql) backend.

There's conflicting information in the docs... which leads to my question: Is 
it necessary for the pdns user to have anything other than SELECT access to the 


 	Most database backends will only need SELECT privilege. Take care to 
 	connect to your database as the 'root' or 'sa' user, and configure the
 	chosen user to have very slight privileges.


 	GRANT SELECT ON supermasters TO pdns;
 	GRANT ALL ON domains TO pdns;
 	GRANT ALL ON records TO pdns;

I'm running right now with just SELECT privileges and it seems to work. Only 
reason I can think it would need anything more would be for slave use, yes?



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