[Pdns-users] zone2sql is broken in snapshot of SVN revision 563

Wolfram Schlich lists at wolfram.schlich.org
Fri Feb 3 15:45:41 UTC 2006


it looks like zone2sql is broken in snapshot 563:

host tmp # zone2sql --gmysql --zone=zones/pri.domain.tld
Second SOA in zone, raised domain_id
insert into domains (name,type) values ('domain.tld','NATIVE');

Fatal error: Undefined but needed argument: 'soa-refresh-default'
host tmp #

Looks like some new soa- argumentes have been introduced for
which zone2sql doesn't set any value, thus making
DNSPacket::fillSOAData() complain.

Here's a patch to zone2sql:
--- pdns-        2006-01-22 21:09:57.000000000 +0100
+++ pdns-     2006-02-03 16:38:59.296188000 +0100
@@ -169,6 +169,9 @@
     arg().set("zone","Zonefile with $ORIGIN to parse")="";
     arg().set("zone-name","Specify an $ORIGIN in case it is not present")="";
     arg().set("named-conf","Bind 8 named.conf to parse")="";
+    arg().set("soa-refresh-default","Do not change")="0";
+    arg().set("soa-retry-default","Do not change")="0";
+    arg().set("soa-expire-default","Do not change")="0";
     arg().set("soa-minimum-ttl","Do not change")="0";

     arg().setCmd("help","Provide a helpful message");

With the patch applied, zone2sql works fine.
Wolfram Schlich

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