[Pdns-users] syslog grows

Tony Adams aadams at esnet.com
Wed Dec 13 05:24:38 UTC 2006

> can anyone please suggest a way to prevent the syslog being written to
> when pdns starts.
> At the moment I am exportng a large hosts file (set in recusor.conf)
> many of these hosts exist to provide the llopback address for a query,
> so my syslog is filling up needlessly,
> thank you.
> matt
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> Matthew Farey
> 25 The Polygon, Southampton, Hants, SO15 2BP, UK
> Phone +44(0)2380 631449

This is how I do it

In my pdns.conf and recursor.conf files I set logging-facility=0, then
in my syslog.conf add the following:

#PDNS Logging
local0.*                       -/var/log/pdns.log

After restarting syslog, pdns , and precursor, all pdns and precursor
logs go to /var/log/pdns.log

Tony Adams
Sr. Systems Engineer
E Solutions Corporation

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