[Pdns-users] Problem loading gmysql backend

Jay Coulter jay at nextdimensioninc.com
Thu Dec 14 15:42:26 UTC 2006

Hi all,


                We have been using a custom backend solution with PDNS
for some time.  I've inherited this set up and have been asked to
implement the MySql backend as well.  When I compile the backend, it
compiles with 0 errors, then I change the config file to use it I
receive the following error:


Unable to load module '/usr/local/pdns/lib/libgmysqlbackend.so':
/usr/local/pdns/lib/libgmysqlbackend.so: undefined symbol:

Dec 14 10:36:02 dnsbackend unable to load module in gmysql


Has anyone encountered this error before?  Could it have something to do
with the version of MySQL that is running on the server?  It is version


Ant direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated!





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