[Pdns-users] 2.9.21 binary packages and clobbering recursor

Kirk Friggstad friggstadk at ironsolutions.com
Thu Aug 24 15:05:56 UTC 2006

One quick request regarding the 2.9.21 release - for the binary packages
(RPM, etc.) would it be possible to have an "authoritative only" package
that doesn't include the recursor? I ended up having to use the --force
option in rpm when testing the 2.9.21 snapshot, which overwrote my current
3.1.2 recursor - I was able to reinstall the 3.1.2 recursor afterwards, but
had to use --force again to overwrite the 2.9.21 recursor. It's not a huge
deal, but it does keep things cleaner if the two packages don't have to
clobber each other, especially with the independent release schedules of
pdns_recursor and pdns_server.

Or am I doing things the wrong/stupid way again? Let me know, as I already
have humble pie on my plate, and a little more will be easier to take now
than later. :-)

Thanks again!


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On Wed, Aug 23, 2006 at 05:45:25PM -0600, Kirk Friggstad wrote:
> My apologies for wasting everyone's time here, and thanks to Bert and

Thanks for letting us known the problem is solved, this means we won't have
to investigate more before releasing 2.9.21.


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