[Pdns-users] Is it possible to un-resolve a domain?

Richard Mayhew - Nashua Broadband RichardM at nashuabroadband.com
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Another option is to follow the route I took, where you can add an
additional field in to the database table, for a status of the domain.
In your search statements in the PDNS config you can add the condition.
For example, new entries are added with A for active, if you wanted to
add a domain that didn't resolve you could mark the domain with H for
hidden and modify the search to check that the domain/zones entries are
marked as A..

I did send out an example config etc, some time ago on the list..


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On Tue, Aug 22, 2006 at 02:42:30AM +1000, Richard McLean wrote:
> Not sure if this is a wacky idea or not, but I was wondering if
> it's possible to add a domain to our DNS to make it NOT resolve?
> I know it's possible to set it to resolve to a bogus IP, but I'd like
> for it to give an NXDOMAIN rather than that. Is that possible?

Interesting idea!

An entirely empty zone would achieve most of that, consisting only of a
record and possibly some NS records.

If you do this for the zone 'something.com', 'www.something.com' will
get an
NXDOMAIN. However, a query for the A record of 'something.com' with get
NOERROR with a SOA attached, which behaves almost like an NXDOMAIN in

To only blank out www.something.com, add a 'www.something.com' empty
which would then get the NOERROR with the SOA attached.

Would this be good enough for you?


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