[Pdns-users] Hi. How to test DNS when not authoritative?

Derrik Pates demon at devrandom.net
Tue Apr 11 00:23:44 UTC 2006

Derrick MacPherson wrote:
> (1,1,'studiobproductions.com','SOA','ns1.studiobproductions.com
> postmaster at studio-b.tv 2006041004',3600,0,1144703296),

You're missing several values in your SOA record. I'd suggest having 
them *all*.

> (2,1,'studiobproductions.com','NS','ns1.studiobproductions.com',3600,0,1144518405),
> (3,1,'studiobproductions.com','NS','ns1.studiobproductions.com',3600,0,1144518405),

You have two of the same record; this probably isn't helping matteres.

> (4,1,'www.studiobproductions.com','CNAME','',3600,0,1144702733),

You should never have a CNAME pointing to an IP. This is fundamentally 

> (5,1,'studiobproductions.com','CNAME','',3600,0,1144703002),

Double trouble - you've got a CNAME to an IP, plus it's from the root of 
the zone. This *must* be an A record.

> (6,1,'mail.studiobproductions.com','CNAME','',3600,0,1144702745),

Same as two back.

> (7,1,'localhost.studiobproductions.com','A','',3600,0,1144518405),
> (8,1,'studiobproductions.com','MX','mail.studiobproductions.com',3600,10,1144518405),

An MX record should never point to a CNAME.

> (9,1,'ian.studiobproductions.com','A','',3600,0,1144518468),
> (11,1,'ns1.studiobproductions.com','A','',3600,0,1144702625);

If you correct the above, I think you'll find that things start working 

Derrik Pates
demon at devrandom.net

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