[Pdns-users] MRTG Graphs

Aaron Spurlock aarons at technovationdesign.com
Thu Apr 13 20:11:19 UTC 2006

I just installed PowerDNS after looking for a good solution for
automatic secondary DNS servers. So far, I love it--it is great being
able to set up a zone and have it automatically created on the slave

I set up the MRTG graphs as well, but now I have a few questions. The
question/answer latency graph is doing some really funny stuff. I assume
this statistic is the time it takes for PowerDNS to actually answer a
request after it receives it? On my server, the graph looks like a
many-humped camel. It starts to climb around 4 to 6p, and then drops
back down around 4a and levels off until 4p the following afternoon. It
has now done this consistently throughout this first week of running the

During this same time period the queries per minute stat remains fairly
flatlined, which really makes me wonder what is going on.

Does anyone have some hints for me as to what causes this? Is it normal?

The graphs are at if anyone wants to take a


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