[Pdns-users] 2.9.19 Compile and pdns.spec file

Max Clark max at clarksys.com
Mon Nov 28 23:53:04 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I am looking to install new upgraded nameservers and want to upgrade to 
PDNS 2.9.19 at the same time. From what I have read I know I need to use 
the 532, 533, and 534 patchsets. Is there a release that 
resolves this problem? Are there additional patchsets that I should apply?

I am looking to compile RPMs to distribute across my systems. The 
pdns.spec file seems to be missing some things (i.e. the recursor.conf, 
man files, modules, etc...). Can someone share with me their 
instructions for building RPMs on RedHat (Fedora/CentOS)?

Thanks in advance,

   Max Clark
   max [at] clarksys.com

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