[Pdns-users] 2.9.19: Problem with CIDR reverse delegation

Volker Goetz goetz at sectionone.de
Wed Nov 2 12:33:39 UTC 2005


after upgrading to 2.9.19 my CIDR reverse delegation was broken. It seems 
that the new packet handler is too restrictive on validating proper host 

validDNSName() in packethandler.cc only allows letters  a-z and A-Z, digits 
0-9 and characters -_*. While this is perfectly ok with the 
recommendations in RFC 1035 for host names, it prohibits working 
delegations for CIDR reverse lookups containing a '/' in its CNAMEs. RFC 
2317 suggests to use the first address and the network mask length as a 
base for creating the CNAME records as one possibility. This scheme surely 
is widely used.

I suggest to add at least the character '/' to be valid in host names too. 
I attached a small patch for this.

Maybe this can make it into the release.


Best regards

Volker Götz

section(one               Mail goetz at sectionone.de
Dipl.-Inform. Univ.       Web  http://www.sectionone.de/
Volker Götz               Tel. +49 30 / 40 00 67 9-0
Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 15  Fax  +49 30 / 40 00 67 9-15
D-10178 Berlin            PGP  4FEB1C34 @ wwwkeys.de.pgp.net
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