[Pdns-users] Can PDNS do reverse-lookups?

Kristof Hardy kristof.hardy at catsanddogs.com
Tue Mar 29 07:45:45 UTC 2005

Prueckler Alexander wrote:
> Can anyone of you please tell me how to configure PDNS to handle reverse
> lookups too? I compiled it with recursion enabled and in my pdns.conf
> recursor= is the same ip than my pdns. Do i have to configure a
> different port or do i need something like djbdns on the same machine?
> Thanks for your help!

I guess you're looking into 'forwarding' ? Reverse lookups are no problem.

Forwarding can be done with the pdns_recursor or an 'external' dns 
server. (can be on a different machine or a different port on the same 


Best regards,

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