[Pdns-users] Dynamic DNS

Kristof Hardy kristof.hardy at catsanddogs.com
Tue Mar 8 21:11:59 UTC 2005

Radek Hladik wrote:
> Yes, I can publish my scripts. I've placed them at 
> http://bearbone.twobears.cz/radek/dynpowerdns/distrib.tgz . I will be 
> happy if you find them useful and if someone would like to improve them 

As told before, very useful. Here's the modification I (tried to) made 
to have it work on my mysql. (I used adodb because i needed to rewrite 

Maybe you can test it on postgresql dbase, I think all you need to 
change is the dbtype in the config file.


It's very simple, lots of errors I guess. And surely lots of corrections 
are needed in the php code.. But I'm still learning so don't shoot me :-)

Some idea's while writing about it..
1, place authentication of "DDNS"-users in mysql-table
2, maybe make it compatible with "existing" dyndns(.org)-clients if possible
3, create webinterface for login/editing.


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