[Pdns-users] Multiple database servers

Dimitrij Hilt dimitrij at schlund.de
Sun Mar 6 13:04:08 UTC 2005

Hi Barry,

you can setup it outside from PDNS with Linux-Virtual-Server Project.
Have a look at: www.linuxvirtualserver.org and keepalived.org.

So you can add and remove database servers for maintains in your
loadbalancer. Laodbalancer can be recycled old hardware.



On Sat, Mar 05, 2005 at 07:11:05PM -0600, Barry Bourdage wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>  I checked the archive and found some references to this subject but no
> resolution. I currently have 2 PDNS servers, and 3 postgres boxes with a
> master to slave/slave replication going on.
> I would like to have pdns try another slave if one of the slaves goes
> down. Any insight would be appreciated.
> Barry
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