[Pdns-users] recursor not being able to look up www.kde-look.org

Ben Beuchler insyte at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 14:18:13 UTC 2005

I have two pdns servers, one using pdns_recursor and the other using
dnscache.  The dnscache server resolves www.kde-look.org and the
pdns_recursor server does not.



On 7/5/05, Moritz Bunkus <m.bunkus at linet-services.de> wrote:
> Hey,
> we've been using PowerDNS for quite a while now with a LDAP
> backend. We've also been using its recursor, and it usually works. But
> from time to time it seems that it cannot resolve some names that our
> ISP's name server can resolve.
> Like yesterday. My colleague wanted to go to www.kde-look.org, but the
> recursor cannot resolve that address at the moment, but doing a lookup
> via our ISP's server does work. Today the situation is still the same so
> I hope that it's not just some caching effect on our ISP's side that
> plays tricks with my mind.
> I'll attach the log of "pdns_recursor --daemon=no --trace
> --local-address=" and one call to "host www.kde-look.org
>". Maybe one of you can give me a hint to what's wrong
> here. Maybe it really is NOT the pdns_recursor's problem, but I don't
> know enough about the DNS system in general to say for sure.
> PS: "host www.kde-look.org" and "host www.kde-look.org
>" both work fine. The former is our ISP's DNS server, the
> latter is one of our customer's ISP's DNS server.
> Thanks for any hints,
> Mosu
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