[Pdns-users] SOA and ANY problem gmysql

mail at line5.tv mail at line5.tv
Sun Jul 17 14:30:54 UTC 2005

Hello List,

neither in PowerDNS 2.9.17 nor in 2.9.18 I managed to set up the 
serials. PDNS set them up, but I am not able to influence them in any 
way :-(
My Backend is (g)MySQL. I copied the SQL-tables from the PDNS-Homepage, 
inserted my domains and set the last_changed date to 2005071701. A 
dig-command on that server results in a:
SOA: 1121610240
ANY: 1121610245

It seems as if pdns does not read whatever I write into that 
last_changed field. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


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