[Pdns-users] strange things happening

lonnie at outstep.com lonnie at outstep.com
Thu Jul 7 11:49:25 UTC 2005

Hello All,

I have recently gotten my pdns installed and seems to be working
great so far but have a interesting question.

My pdns seems to resolve IP's that I have moved over to it and also
get the IP's from other DNS servers if it does not know them.

The problem seems to be that it may not be propagating the
information to the other DNS servers as I cannot nslookup my
domains, or at least not most of them, on another machine like my
home system connect to the net via cable modem which can resolve
domain names elsewhere on the internet with no problem.

Not sure what could be happening here.


Lonnie Cumberland
OutStep Technologies Incorporated
CELL: 313-333-2935
FAX: 619-639-2888

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