[Pdns-users] Hidden NS

Radek Hladik pdns-user.conf at bearbone.twobears.cz
Tue Jan 4 21:43:50 UTC 2005

	I have this scenario: My PDNS server as master and two djbdns servers
as slave. The problem is that one of the djbdns servers is used only to
do AXFR queries but does not answer any queries while the second djbdns
server does not do AXFR, only answers the queries. There is set up
synchronization between djbdns servers. This complicated setup is due to
security and it is completly out of my control.
	And here are the questions:

1) are there any configuration options like BIND's allow-axfr and
also-notify PER DOMAIN? I've found only allow-axfr per server.
2) Is there any option to specify to whose nameservers send AXFR-notify
and to which not? DJBDNS does not understand notifies and therefore it's
useless to send them.

I would like to have something like hiddenNS record with witch I could
specify nameservers whose should be notified and/or can do AXFR for
specific domain. I can do this with normal NS record, but then client
would not know that he can not send queries to this NS.

						Radek Hladik

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