[Pdns-users] Compiling on Fedora Core3 / AMD64

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Sun Feb 20 12:00:18 UTC 2005

On Sun, Feb 20, 2005 at 12:09:50AM -0500, Brian Topping wrote:
> 'relays.orb.org' (the correct spelling is 'relays.orb*s*.org').  So I 
> guess my only choice is to tell them that everything is spam until they 
> wake up and reconfigure their mail servers... :-)

Very good. Have them see figure 1:

> Anyway, I'm having some issues getting things to build on FC3 under 
> AMD64.  The first is easy (but might be worth checking out) is that when 
> using ./bootstrap, automake either doesn't find or doesn't create 
> ltmain.sh.  Looks like it comes from something called libtool, but I'm 
> not sure if this belongs in CVS or it is generated.  I copied this from 
> the 2.9.17 distrib just to get going.

Did you checkout from Subversion or CVS? The right place to go is
http://wiki.powerdns.com , which explains the SVN instructions.

> There were a bunch of files with cast issues for the logging.  I've 
> included the patch output inline in this email, below.

These are fixed in Subversion. One ./bootstrap issue is fixed there as well.

> that was then.  Now my build has broken.  It seems that the libraries 
> are all being generated of the form 'liborbbackend_la.orbbackend.o' when 
> they should presumably be 'orbbackend.o', which is what I have them in 

Ok, the trick is to start from the svn repository, and then copy in your
.cc and .hh files to pdns/modules/orbbackend. Your OBJECT* files are ok
too, copy them in as well. Make sure you don't add any Makefile.in or
Makefiles. Also, I found the cause of your build problem. You need to remove
the CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS line form Makefile.am. Copy that in as well.

Now look at the bottom of configure.in and add modules/orbbackend/Makefile
to the list of other Makefiles to be generated.

Now run ./bootstrap and ./configure --with-modules=orb and make. However,
there is a small wart, you need to rm the pdns_server first as Make does not
'discover' that there is a new module around and that pdns_server needs

I did the above here and it works fine here. 

> If anyone could spare five minutes to look at this, the 28K tarball is 
> at http://codehaus.org/~topping/orbbackend.tgz .  This is the first C 
> development I've done in six years, and there are a lot of new wrinkles 
> (such as libtool).

It is a mixed blessing!

Good luck!

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