[Pdns-users] setting up pdn with ldap backend

n-other at artel.kz n-other at artel.kz
Sun Feb 27 07:02:08 UTC 2005

Hello there!

i'm trying to setup powerdns 2.9.17 with ldap backend instead of bind9. i nave
loaded zones from bind files to ldap.
when trying to request any domain using nslookup from server i get errors
concerning non authoritative data for any domain. here is sample message and
data from ldap.

Not authoritative for 'tinybloom.net', sending servfail to
(recursion was desired)

# tinybloom.net, dns, root
dn: dc=tinybloom.net,ou=dns, dc=root
objectClass: dnsdomain2
objectClass: domainrelatedobject
dc: tinybloom.net
associatedDomain: tinybloom.net
sOARecord: ns01.forever.kz n-other.forever.kz 2005020101 604800 86400 2419200 
nSRecord: ns01.forever.kz
nSRecord: ns02.forever.kz
mXRecord: 5 mail.forever.kz

so, what can be wrong?

With Best Regards, 
 Roman Hlynovskiy

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