[Pdns-users] Reverse Lookups

Brian Bowen phatblinkie at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 8 20:55:21 UTC 2005

what is the ip of your name server, according to the other servers delegated the ip blocks containing your ip, it hasnt been delegated to your server yet, since bellsouths name servers are handing out the ptr record.


maybe you have it setup right and the issue is cause its not delegated to your server?

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  I've seen other posts regarding this function and have tried all of their suggestions with no success.

  I have a host -- translate.ziemba.net which resolves to

  In my domains table I have:
  id = 150
  name = 150.153.68.in-addr.arpa

  In my records table I have:
  domain_id = 150
  name =
  type = PTR
  content = translate.ziemba.net

  I've tried a few variations and all meet with the inability to perform a successful reverse on this host.

  Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?

  Thank you,
  Jason Ziemba


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