[Pdns-users] Multiple MySQL Backends

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Wed Dec 7 15:15:14 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 07 December 2005 15:48, Dr. Ender Aysal wrote:
> So can I start two MySql Backends, like
> launch=gmysql
>  gmysql-user=user1
>  gmysql-dbname=db1
>  gmysql-host=host1
> launch=gmysql
>  gmysql-user=user2
>  gmysql-dbname=db2
>  gmysql-host=host2

As far as I remember one lauch overwrites the other. Use


instead. The example above doesn't work - I think there was some kind of 
prefixing possible. Please have a look into the online docs.

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