[Pdns-users] Problem with wildcard records

Dominik Dausch maillist at megaspace.de
Thu Dec 1 14:41:17 UTC 2005


i have some real problems with powerdns. We use the gmysql backend and
have a wildcard entry for almost every domain we host.
One of our clients has entered some domains into our dns system and
for everyone of these new entrys the wildcard entrys don't work. The
dns answer for a subdomain is always "".

You could see that yourself if you ask ns1.net2daymedia.de for
"something.drogensucht.de". The entrys in the database are 100%
correct. Everything except the wildcard entrys is working correct...
Anybody has an idea what could be wrong here?

Mit freundlichen GrÌssen
Dominik Dausch                          mailto:maillist at megaspace.de

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