Jeremy Holterman jeremy at nucleus.com
Tue Apr 26 00:57:41 UTC 2005



            I'm VERY new to the whole scene, have been trying to find a DNS
server with a database backend for a windows environment and here I am.  The
server is running on a Win2k box, using ODBC connector to a MySQL database
on Fedora Core3.  I've triple checked my config, but something just isn't
working.  When I try to do an A lookup on one of the "test" domains I don't
get any resolution, even though I have the entries in the database.  The
only indication I have of an error, is when I do an any lookup, this is what
the monitor says:


Unable to insert a record of type #0 for 'test.com'

Unable to insert a record of type #0 for 'mail.test.com'


            This made me believe that the permissions for the database user
were not correct, however I've recreated the user with the installation
script multiple times and given the user full rights to the database, all to
no avail.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.





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