[Pdns-users] Zone Forwarders and LDAP backend

Dave Harrison David.Harrison at sensorynetworks.com
Mon Sep 27 03:26:23 UTC 2004

> > > I'm relatively new to pdns, but I've gone over the docs and googled
> > > around a bit, and I can't find anywhere that describes a way to
> > > configuring pdns to do zone forwarding (specifically when you're using
> > > the ldap backend - although other solutions are welcome too ;-)
> > 
> > Can you explain what 'zone forwarding' is? If you mean a forwarding
> > resolver, PowerDNS doesn't do it, sorry.

In BIND you're able to do the following :

 zone "foo.com" {
         type forward;
         forwarders {
which tells bind that whenever it receives a request for anything for
the domain foo.com, to pass the query onto the given IP address

Is this referred to as a "forwarding resolver" ??

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