[Pdns-users] NATIVE zones and slave operation

Heidrich Attila attila at heidrich.hu
Thu Sep 16 06:46:57 UTC 2004

2004-09-15, sze keltezÊssel 17:17-kor bert hubert ezt írta:

> :-) - I did not read all of it, but you might want to consider the 'stealth
> master' approach. 

Do I understand well?

I configure my db master (called it Main server) to have a certain SLAVE
I tell my customer to set NS RRs pointing to the db replicas
AND an also-notify {my_main_server;); as well.

This way I have to permit zone transfers to tha Main, but it is not
propagated on the internet, just act as a SLAVE in order to have the
SLAVE data replicated in all the db instances. The notifications will
also address the replicas, but will have no effect, but a few error
messagets becouse of the R/O database.

Better than nothing!! ;-) I ask the security people...

anyway: what if my customer is unable to set also-notify? Is there a
thing like this in PDNS f.e.??

Heidrich Attila <attila at heidrich.hu>
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