[Pdns-users] Gmysql question

Maikel Verheijen maikel.verheijen at active24.nl
Tue Oct 19 06:28:46 UTC 2004

On Oct 19, 2004, at 2:53 AM, Tim Schafer wrote:

> When I try to start PowerDNS I get this error message
> "Oct 18 14:26:26 Unable to launch, no backends configured for querying"
> It says I have to have gmysql backend installed, yet I can't find it
> anywhere!!!  I have searched google trying to find a link to download,
> and it's not there anywhere....
> What am I doing wrong?
Did you add:
launch="gmysql" in your pdns.conf ?

> Tim Schafer

Good luck,

Maikel Verheijen.
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