[Pdns-users] PDNS Crashes

Barry Bourdage BBourdage at techpro.com
Tue Nov 30 20:37:59 UTC 2004

I was getting the same problem on windows pdns/mysql

I moved to linux and no longer have a problem.

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I recently sent the following message to the mailing list, but received
no responses.  Considering that it has happened again even though I
upped the TTL to 8 hours, I am posting the message again in hopes that
someone can help me.

As previously described I am currently using PowerDNS for the root name
servers for the .mp domain.  I have to backends, first bind and then
pipe.  The pipe is to a perl script which is essentially delegating the
entire domain to other name servers.

PDNS recently crashed with the following log:

Nov 25 05:38:06 mp1 pdns[8664]: 5002 questions waiting for database
attention. Limit is 5000, respawning Nov 25 05:38:06 mp1 free(): invalid
pointer 0x83e1650!
Nov 25 05:38:06 mp1 pdns[8664]: Got a signal 11, attempting to print

Any idea what is causing this and what I can do to fix it?  This is the
second time this has occurred on our primary server in the last week. 
There was no trace in the log after the "attempting to print trace:"

I suppose I could increase the max-queue-length setting but I worry that
this will just mask the real problem.  Is it possible that the Perl
backend is just unable to handle the load or is crashing itself?  I have
the TTL for the resulting delegation record from the perl script at only
3600 so perhaps I should up that as well to reduce load?

Also, I noticed that the pipe backend supports a pipe-timeout
configuration parameter...what is the default value for this if it isn't
specified?  Perhaps I need to set that to a specific value?

Anthony Eden

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