[Pdns-users] smooth bind to PDNS migration

Kristof Hardy kristof.hardy at catsanddogs.com
Tue Nov 16 07:18:29 UTC 2004

I'm curious about the opinions here. We're looking forward to 'migrate' 
to pdns. My "idea" was to do it this way, but I'm looking forward to see 
any 'enhancements' ...

1. create a 'slave' pdns (that uses bind files) for our current master BIND.
2. after verifying this setup to be 'working', migrate our primary NS to 
PDNS and get it running with MySQL as a backend.
3. after this, get the mysql replication on and setup the slave with 
mysql as backend also.
4. celebrate :)

I have already done some tests with zone2sql and I think I'm not going 
to see any problems there. In this setup I'm talking about close to 700 
  zones with most of them having max. 5 hosts.

Any advice is welcome, I'd be happy to share and/or write down my 
'experiences'/'steps taken', after this migration has been worked out.

Ps: The new DNS server it's 'management' would be taken care of with 

Best regards,

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