[Pdns-users] Pdns as a LAN DNS

Martin Bálint konferencie at balint.sk
Thu Nov 4 19:18:52 UTC 2004


I am trying to configure PowerDNS, so that it will be a LAN host->ip
resolver. It it running on Debian testing

This is a sample of out network:  mates  chumac milan

My 'records' mysql table looks like:
1  NULL mates  	A  	NULL  	NULL  	NULL
3  NULL milan 	A 	NULL 	NULL 	NULL
4  NULL chumac 	A 	NULL 	NULL 	NULL
domains and supermasters table is empty

Now, whed doing ping milan on debian localhost, it will correcty start to
But when I do a ping on Windows machine, I will get:
 Ping request could not find host milan...
DNS Server is set correctly to
nslookup milan gives me Address:

But I can't work with "milan" in windows machines on LAN, because it
doesn't resolve IP...

Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for help,

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