[Pdns-users] Wildcard A RR

Derrik Pates dpates at dsdk12.net
Fri May 28 15:06:11 UTC 2004

Mark Constable wrote:
> I'm interested in the SQLite backend on a Debian (testing) system 
> using pdns v2.9.16 and the pdns-backend-sqlite addon package.
>  zone2sql --zone=example.com --gmysql | sqlite pdns.db

You should really add the --zone-name=example.com option to the 
'zone2sql' command line, since you obviously don't have $ORIGIN lines in 
the zonefile.

> INSERT INTO records VALUES(151,1,'','SOA','example.com admin.example.com 
> 2003061811 72576000 36288000 21600 72576000',86400,0,NULL);
> INSERT INTO records VALUES(152,1,'','NS','ns2.main.com',86400,0,NULL);
> INSERT INTO records VALUES(153,1,'','NS','ns1.main.com',86400,0,NULL);
> INSERT INTO records VALUES(154,1,'','A','',86400,0,NULL);
> INSERT INTO records VALUES(155,1,'','MX','mail.main.com',86400,0,NULL);
> INSERT INTO records VALUES(156,1,'*','A','',86400,0,NULL);

You don't have the domain name in the name column for any of those, 
because of what I previously mentioned.

> . can anyone suggest anything obvious I am missing ?

See my note above.

> . what else do I have to have for logging to /var/log/pdns.log ?

Set 'logging-facility=N' where N is from 0 to 5, and configure syslogd 
to log the localN facility to /var/log/pdns.log.

> . how do I best create a zone file suitable for wildcard A records ?

There's nothing special you have to do.

Derrik Pates
dpates at dsdk12.net

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