[Pdns-users] Problems with PowerDNS 2.9.16 on Sun UltraSparc 10

Marcel Braak mbraak at xs4all.nl
Fri May 28 12:21:05 UTC 2004

I found a brute work around.

In dnsproxy.cc I commented out the whole section that does some error
tracking like beneath.

### snippet  ###
/*      if(i==d_conntrack.end()) {
          L<<Logger::Error<<"Discarding untracked packet from recursor
backend with id "<<(d.id^d_xor)<<
            ". Contrack table size="<<d_conntrack.size()<<endl;
        if(i->second.created==0) {
          L<<Logger::Error<<"Received packet from recursor backend with id
"<<(d.id^d_xor)<<" which is a duplicate"<<endl;
*/      d.id=i->second.id;

After a recompile all dns lookups work perfectly.

Seems the following BIGENDIAN conversion doesn't work correctly.

        // this is needed because spoof ID down below does not respect the
native byteorder
        d.id = ( 256 * (u_int16_t)buffer[1] ) + (u_int16_t)buffer[0];

Who can explain me what exactly the BIGENDIAN thing is. I know it has to do
something with the differences in addressing with different platforms like
i386 and sparc.


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I've tested the CVS version but still got the same problem.

On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 10:46:06AM +0200, Marcel Braak wrote:
> Hi All,
> Whatever i try i cant get the recorsor function to work on my FreeBSD
> 5.2.1 / UltraSparc 10.
> When an address have to be remotely resolved i get the error : 

Hmf, I thought this was solved. Can you try compiling from CVS? I think it
has additional byte order things to fix this.

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