[Pdns-users] testing

Bob Lockie bjlockie at lockie.ca
Wed May 12 14:46:21 UTC 2004

On 05/12/04 10:25 Ruben (aka _cyclops_) spoke:
> Try /usr/local/etc/
> On Wed, 12 May 2004, Bob Lockie wrote:
>>2.2. Testing your install
>>After installing, it is a good idea to test the basic functionality of
>>the software before configuring database backends. For this purpose,
>>PowerDNS contains the 'bindbackend' which has a domain built in
>>example.com, which is officially reserved for testing. To test, edit
>>pdns.conf and add the following if not already present:
>># find . -name pdns.conf -print
>>doesn't find anything.
>>Is it possible that pdns.conf doesn't exist?

Yeah, it works.
They should add that bit of information to section 2.2.1 of the manual. :-)

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