[Pdns-users] transaction support in my db?

Bob Lockie bjlockie at lockie.ca
Wed May 12 18:25:44 UTC 2004


If using MySQL with 'slave' support enabled in PowerDNS you must run 
MySQL with a table engine that supports transactions.

In practice, great results are achieved with the 'InnoDB' tables. 
PowerDNS will silently function with non-transaction aware MySQLs but at 
one point this is going to harm your database, for example when an 
incoming zone transfer fails. ".

"MySQL Standard includes the standard MySQL storage engines and the 
InnoDB storage engine. InnoDB is a transaction-safe, ACID-compliant 
storage engine with commit, rollback, crash recovery and row-level 
locking capabilities. This version is for users who want the 
high-performance MySQL database with full transaction support".

# mysqld -v
mysqld  Ver 4.0.18 for pc-linux on i686

Maybe the PowerDNS documentation was written before MySQL supported 

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