[Pdns-users] Installing on Cobalt

"Harold" < harold at lombardia.com
Sun May 2 09:26:42 UTC 2004

Hello people,

Usually I install PDNS without any problem, but I cannot get it to compile
on a Cobalt RaQ4 machine. Make complains that it cannot find standard
headers, like string.h. map.h, iostream.h and a few more.

These headers are located in /usr/include (not a strange place, right?)
and some in /usr/include/g++-3.

Usually I have no problems compiling C/C++ sources on this machine, so I
suppose the problem is born during the configure part of the installation
(I use ./configure --with-modules="gmysql")

Tried different (older and newer) versions of PDNS, but the problem
remains the same. Any ideas?


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