[Pdns-users] Round-robin CNAME behaviour

Hrvoje Husic powerdns at cgn.toonster.de
Mon Mar 29 13:19:26 UTC 2004

Rob Casey schrieb am Montag, 29. MÀrz 2004:

> Under Bind, this could be easily performed used using something
> similar to the following:

>     www.test.com.   IN CNAME    host1.test.com.
>     www.test.com.   IN CNAME    host2.test.com.

I guess, what you mean, is that A-Record Roundrobin did work under
bind. So it does with pdns:

www.test.com.   IN  A   123.456.789.1
www.test.com.   IN  A   123.456.789.2

The CNAME cannot be combined with any other Record. No other, CNAMEs,
nor anything else.

Hrvoje Husic

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