[Pdns-users] Random crashes with LDAP backend - how to write a bug report?

Lukas Beeler lb-pdns-users at projectdream.org
Tue Mar 9 22:02:10 UTC 2004

* Norbert Sendetzky <norbert at linuxnetworks.de>:
> I've attached a diff for powerldap.cc, which might help.
> If not, it would be nice if you could add these lines at the end of 
> LdapBackend::get() (line 440 or so) to at least verify my thought:
> catch( ... )
> {
> 	L << Logger::Error << m_myname << " Caught unknown exception << endl;
> }

I have fixed powerdns.hh for the new prototype (well, it
compiled, so i assume it is correct now, i dont know c++ at all).
I've applied this: 
And installed the new package on the server.

As this problem happened quite frequently (4-10 times a day), i
will give an success/failure report in approx. 24h.

Thanks for your help!

> > A dump of ou=Hosts:
> > http://coax.suug.ch/~lb/ldap_dump.txt
> Your entries are okay as far as I can see, but you should add all 
> values to your SOARecords (otherwise at least AXFRs will fail).

I fixed that. Thanks.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

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